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Should your mattress be turned?

Basically, mattresses fall into 3 types:

  1. NEEDS TURNING: These mattresses need to be turned over so that both sleeping surfaces are used. The construction of these mattresses is designed so that sleeping on both surfaces will allow the fillings to settle evenly and help reduce depressions in the mattress. These mattresses should also be rotated regularly. The manufacturer's turning instructions should be included with the product and should always be followed.
  2. NO-TURN: This type of mattress is constructed to have only one sleeping surface so it does not need turning; furthermore, you cannot sleep on the underside. This type of mattress, however, will benefit from being rotated. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. NO NEED TO TURN: This type of mattress has been constructed so that the consumer has the choice of either turning the mattress or not. This has all the benefits of a 'no-turn' mattress but should the mattress become soiled for any reason, it can be turned over. This type of mattress is usually only available at the higher end of the market. It will also benefit from being rotated. Again, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.


This is the term used to describe how the fillings will 'settle', or compress, once they have been slept on. This is normal. As the fillings compress in response to any weight put on them, they will mould to the shape of your body and the comfort of your mattress will improve as the fillings settle. This process usually takes up to three months depending on how responsive the fillings are. It is perfectly normal for a slight indentation to remain in the mattress after settlement and this should not be regarded as a fault. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding turning.

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